Welcome to My Desi House!

I’m Erika, a Belgian living in Mumbai with my Indian pilot husband and labrador in a beautiful apartment. I love food, interior design, music and nature.
I’ve been blessed to be born and raised in Antwerp, a wonderful city with lots of green in and around the city. And with the most amazing smelling bakeries on every corner.

I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease when I was 6 and became a vegetarian as well in the same period. Luckily glutenfree food had changed a lot in the past 20y, in a good way for me šŸ™‚ And Mumbai is picking up on the glutenfree trend which makes it easier for me to go out for dinner and not actually come back hungry.

Having this blog motivates me to stand more often in the kitchen and experiment with new ingredients. HereĀ you will findĀ delicious glutenfree vegetarian dishes that I come across with as well as restaurant reviews in Mumbai or anywhere else in the world whenever I travel. I hope you find some inspiration here andĀ I’ll be happy to answer any questions.