Glutenfree Vegetarian in India

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

This is the first time I’m writing a blog and I’m so excited about this! I’ve started an Instagram page called Glutenfree Vegetarian in India a few weeks back where I’m posting my own food inspired by Pinterest/Instagram as well as glutenfree food in Mumbai or anywhere else in the world. There wasn’t enough space to write down the recipes which is why I’ve decided that it was time to start a blog. I’ll be posting my previous instagram photos with recipes as soon as possible (still figuring out how everything works here on wordpress).

I’m Erika, a Belgian girl from Antwerp, now living in Mumbai together with my Indian husband who is a pilot with Jet Airways and our 2 year old labrador dog Piper Cub. I met my husband in Brussels Airport where I was working and I followed him soon after. My passions are food, aviation, music and interior design. I’ve been a vegetarian ever since I was 6 and they discovered that I had Celiac Disease around the same time. Lots of things have changed in these 20 years, thank god, and we have got so much more choice glutenfree wise nowadays! Glutenfree options are now available in many more restaurants and supermarkets. India is still a bit behind but at least the restaurants are becoming more interesting for me!

May is the month of Celiac awareness and I will be posting glutenfree recipes every single day with some facts about Celiac Disease. The facts can help your and my friends/family understand exactly what this disease is and how to deal with it when they have someone coming over for lunch/dinner. My husband luckily knows everything about it by now, but most of the people around me are still confused about what I can eat and what i cannot :). You should definitely send them the link to this blog!

I’m also interested in Interior Design and will be posting about this once in a while. I’m still making my house and there is so much inspiration everywhere! Can’t wait to add more beautiful things in our apartment and make it even more cosy.

If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer you back!

Lots of love,

Erika Kleinmann-Bhatia


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